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Tara Rehl, MA, FRSA, is a Certified Coach with 10 years’ experience and a Brand, Communications & Marketing Specialist with 25 years’ experience. Her surname - Rehl 

is pronounced real and this is the foundation from which 

she lives her life and serves her clients.

Whether you’re an executive-level leader, an ambitious professional, a dedicated athlete, a committed educator

or a striving student, Tara can assist you - as she did in

many a goal in her soccer playing days - in clarifying, cultivating and optimizing your own real.


Tara’s triptych approach of real you, real being, real best

is rooted in the multi-disciplinary education and training she

has undertaken to date - including her great fortune of being

a Fulbright Scholar - and the professional and personal experience she has gained over the years.


In her coaching, Tara will draw as much on her formal education as she will on her self-taught exploration across diverse and wide-ranging disciplines: psychology, neuroscience,  behavioural science, sports, physics,

geometry, architecture, art and design.

Without compartmentalizing our lives and experiences into a prescriptive or restrictive model, she sees this interdependent real you, real being, real best triptych in the following way:

Tara wholeheartedly believes that we are all

all of these real elements all of the time and

she approaches each client as such. Using this

real you, real being, real best interconnected triptych, Tara’s coaching is steadfastly and unwaveringly personalised. Whether a client wants to focus on a specific element within

one of the three real arenas, or across some combination thereof, Tara always puts the specific needs of her client at the heart of her coaching. She will always tailor each coaching session to the individual session goals and overarching visionary objectives the client

wishes to achieve.

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©Tara Rehl Coaching & Consulting. All rights reserved.

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Tara is equal parts logical and intuitive, professional and personable, visionary and tactical, and inviting and challenging. She listens deeply and assists each client in cultivating and amplifying the desired facet of who they are (real you), how they be (real being), and what and how they do (real best) so they can bring the excellence of their highest creative expression to the world.


Tara’s #1 VIA Character Strength is Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence, so it’s no wonder she values so highly assisting clients to achieve their own ‘beauty’

and excellence (real best). This Strength, alongside

Tara’s remaining top five Strengths of Creativity, Leadership, Judgment and Perspective make her the adaptive, open-minded, insightful, amiable, exceptional, real-life coach she is.

Tara’s formal education, qualifications and memberships include:

- BA, International Relations & CISLA Scholar, Connecticut College (1993)

- MA, European Studies, University of Geneva & Fulbright Scholar (1995)

- Certified Martha Beck Coach (2010)

- Mindful Schools Certifications (2017 & 2019)

- Certified Positive Education Practitioner (PEC) and Trainer (PECT1) (2020)

- Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner (2021)

- Holden Qigong Teacher (in training)


- Affiliate Member, Institute of Coaching, McLean/Harvard Medical School (2021)

- Fellow, RSA (Royal Society for Arts, Manufacture, Commerce) (2020)

- Lifetime Member, Fulbright Association (2021)

- Member, American Marketing Association (2021)

Tara considers herself a lifelong learner, forever filled with curiosity, wonder 

and a unflagging fascination in the yearnings of the human spirit and our

collective capacity for optimum performance, creativity, real being and real best.

Image by Tim Graf
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